35 Birth Affirmations Strengths and Flaws

No matter how prepared and informed a mother-to-be is during this special time, a woman will still encounter emotional and physical difficulties.

As the baby grows, a mother’s fear and love is growing with the baby.

Birth affirmations help to displace those negative and scary thoughts that do no good but to bring anxiety and stress – the last thing a future mother needs.

This tough battle in the mind cannot be won unless inner peace is achieved.

Therefore, when you send to your body and to your mind healthy, positive and accurate birth affirmations it responds as your mirror, by having calmer and happier birth experience.

Problems With Birth Affirmations

In spite of birth affirmations being useful, many can cause problems since some do not allow unexpected possibilities. The birth itself is unpredictable and it’s not beneficial to pretend otherwise.

Majority of the future mothers love to have control over the situation, which is one of the reasons why they turn to birth affirmations in upsetting circumstances.

Because of this, when you don’t have the unexpected as an option, upsetting mid-birth and postpartum emotions occur.

Being able to acknowledge and recognize these fears helps you to synchronize with them in a way that’s not harmful to your labor.

Trust Birth

Trust birth is the most common phrase, tossed so frequently among prenatal circles. 

Imagine if instead of “trust birth” it says “trust birth sometimes”. It would not be as affirming as it is nor would it be popular.

So while support for one aspect of birth is maybe useful, it’s clearly uncertain.

Not only does the “trust” theory shut the door for potential questions, concerns, and interests but also blocks the probability of something other than perfect to happen.

The Unkind Act

The kind of thinking that nothing could go wrong is an insult to childbearing women. It leaves no space for anything other than good to happen. It’s as if everything is rainbows and flowers.

Should you then set the internet on fire and sue all the “trust birth” initiative believers? Perhaps not, but there is a better solution.

Improved Teaching

Imagine if we start to teach about all the aspects of birth, and that means the good ones and the bad ones. If we emphasize that it is not possible to know the exact outcome.

That even if:

  • You influence your birth,
  • Have all the pieces of information you need.
  • Read all the books.
  • See all the doctors.
  • Arrange every single thing.

you still cannot manage and control everything. Which is absolutely normal and natural.

What if instead, we taught women to expect…

Expect the Unexpected

Most probably something unexpected will happen, whether it’s a major or a minor problem, being aware of it helps you.

Maybe the water breaking occurs at 3 am, or the labor starts and you have contraction problems. You could end up with a cesarean section, and yes, probably your chosen, favorite doctor will not be on call for your labor.

Either way, something might not go according to the plan, and that’s normal. Having an open mind helps you to receive everything that comes to you with ease, and to deal with it without any difficulties.

To sum up, in order to have a positive birth, you don’t need to have a perfect, all planned out birth.

Helpful Birth Affirmations

  1. Whatever the Circumstances, Birth Is a Miracle of Life

    As a woman, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than being able to give birth to a divine, small, human being.

    However the birth happens, you’ve been given the greatest gift of life. Appreciate it. 

  2. Your Baby Is The Strength You Are Looking For

    Instead of searching for your strength and support from outside, try searching for it inside of you. Your baby is all that you need to get through everything.

    Your power, your motivation, your drive, and the most important thing – your love. Love is what keeps us going. 

  3. Trust Your Baby’s and Body’s Pace

    In the past, before the medicine was advanced to this extent, women (naturally) had to believe in their own instincts and do their best to connect with their own being.

    That means being able to read and trust the needs of your body in this special time of your life. Trust the pace and don’t let negative emotions to overwhelm you.

    As Lao Tzu said: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

  4. Every Surge Brings Your Baby Closer To You

    It’s painful, it’s hard, it’s back-breaking but every surge is a step closer to your baby. Every bit of that pain, every time you beat it, over and over again, it brings you closer and closer.

    It’s a battle and you know who is the winner!

  5. Your Muscles Work In Harmony to Make Birthing Easier

    Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.”

    This beautiful quote, by Virginia DiOrio, makes us think of what great things we are all capable of without even knowing.

    By understanding how the muscles work in harmony when the body is calm, a mom-to-be experiences birth in a more pleasant environment, knowing that fear limits muscles from functioning as nature intended.

  6. I can handle this powerful pain because I am more powerful. 

  7. I embrace this pain for it will delivers my baby to me.

    i embrace this pain for it will deliver my baby to me

  8. My partner and I are in this together.

  9. I am doing a great job, and I will continue to do so.

  10. I have control over my breathing.

  11. The connection is stronger than ever.

  12. Everything is as it is supposed to be.

  13. There is no room for fear when it comes to giving birth to my baby.

  14. I trust my body as I trust my baby.

  15. Many women before me have given birth. I have what it takes within me.

  16. My baby will be brought into this world in peace, love and joy.

    my baby will be brought into this world in peace, love and joy

  17. This is the moment I have been waiting for.

  18. My body knows exactly what to do. I surrender to its power.

  19. The pain is essential and natural. My baby fights with me.

  20. My beautiful female body constitution was created to give birth naturally.

  21. Birth is a powerful, beautiful and transformative experience.

  22. Today is my baby’s birthday.

  23. It will get better from this point on.

  24. My baby is strong, happy and healthy.

  25. I will let my baby be born the way she needs to be.

  26. 300.000 women in the world are giving birth right now.

  27. My baby has a divine instinct and knows how and when to be born.

  28. I will soon hold my baby in my arms.

  29. I am not afraid because I was born to do this.

  30. I will remember this beautiful moment for the rest of my life.

  31. The struggle will end with tears of joy.

  32. My baby and I are the world’s best team.

  33. I have the power to heal.

  34. There is nothing more divine than giving life.

    there is nothing more divine than giving life

  35. My baby is healthy because I had a healthy pregnancy.