Unspoken Morning Affirmations For Starting a Great New Day

There is something so unique during this special part of the day. That uniqueness is the magical feeling of a new opportunity that we get whenever we wake up.

Start your day right by introducing the following affirmations into your morning routine, so that you are the one who has control over how you feel for the rest of the day. 

“Do not say, ‘It is morning,’ and dismiss it with the name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Everything starts with a thought.

5 Ways to Use Morning Affirmations Effectively

  1. Statements that you choose must be something on which you can truly relate to.If the affirmations don’t sound right for you, and it’s hard to acknowledge them, make minor adjustments. Make the statement completely yours, so that it’s convincing and you can feel the energy shift as soon as you pronounce it
  2. Affirmations have a rule, and that rule is that affirmations are always stated in the present tense.

    They are also usually in the first person and the power of that combination lies in its effectiveness. Instead of starting with “I will” switch to “I am/I can/I know…”.
  3. Think about what you wish to achieve in the day ahead of you, and adapt the affirmation accordingly.
  4. Believe in what you say as if that is your one and only reality. The power and importance of visualization are huge. Therefore, never stop dreaming.
  5. Repetition is the key. Choose the affirmation you like and read it, wisely, three times in the morning. If needed, you can repeat it again during the day.

    The more you affirm, the more you attract, because you start to act like it and new opportunities come to your life

Here are the 5 Different types of morning affirmations that will transform your day:

1. I Am Grateful

“When you are grateful, life will offer you even more things to be grateful of.”

As soon as you open your eyes, begin with being grateful for where you are and for what you have. The feeling of gratitude will bring you the needed peace to start your day right.

The following affirmations are some variations to it:

  1. I cherish the ones who love me.
  2. I am thankful for everyone who changed my life and made me the way I am today.
  3. I am thankful for every situation that had happened and showed that the change is always possible.
  4. I am grateful for my health, and for being able to live another day.
  5. I am thankful for this new opportunity, for a chance to have a fresh start.
  6. I know that my blessings are bigger than any of my problems.
  7. I am thankful.
  8. I am grateful that the universe has my back.
  9. I am grateful for this new opportunity of bringing joy into the world.
  10. Thank you for the blessings that will come my way.

2. I Choose Love Over Fear

“The essence of life is the power of love”

Love is a choice, and so is hate.

We usually bring ourselves into unpleasant situations, and we can learn how to deal with negative outcomes and beat those emotions.

Love is the only emotion that will help you grow.

  1. I choose love and joy over bitterness.
  2. I choose compassion over anger.
  3. I am able to see good in everything.
  4. Negative thoughts and emotions are not my priority.
  5. I take my time to be patient with everyone around me. Patience brings me joy.
  6. I am capable of receiving love no matter the circumstances.
  7. Love is my only weapon. Attacking thoughts lead me nowhere.
  8. I find a way to be a more loving person each day.
  9. I give love because I am love.
  10. With loving myself I am able to love others.

3. I Am Worthy

“You are special and you have your own purpose in this life.”

Knowing that you are worthy of everything and that you are enough just the way you are will give you an additional boost to go and take over the day.

Here are 10 powerful worth affirmations to kickstart your morning.

  1. I am ready to give myself the love I deserve.
  2. My body deserves to be loved in every state.
  3. I am focused on learning how to love myself more.
  4. I accept every part of me.
  5. I am worthy of the life I dream of.
  6. I deserve love because I share love and joy with the people around me.
  7. My thoughts, my pain, and my past have no control over me.
  8. I forgive myself for not being able to feel the joy of being alive.
  9. I have what it takes to achieve all that I ever wanted. It is inside of me.
  10. I do not need to prove my worth. I am enough.

4. I Am able To Forgive

Forgiveness sets you free. When you forgive, you forgive for yourself and for the sake of your well-being. Holding on to anger only accumulates negative emotions.

Use these statements:

  1. I am able to forget the people who hurt me.
  2. I forgive myself and let go of the pain I carry.
  3. I let go of the past so I can focus on my future.
  4. I am able to change myself and the way I look at things for the sake of my well-being.
  5. I can see the good in everyone and I can understand that I do not know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
  6. My future is not my past, all that I have is this new and precious present moment

5. I Surrender To Life.

“Take advantage of every magical morning, play with your life and make it what you want it to be.”

  1. I transform all my fears into faith.
  2. All the things, including the bad ones, are happening for me, so I can grow even more.
  3. I trust the pace of this life of mine, even when I do not understand it.
  4. I can sense that something wonderful will come to me.
  5. I attract everything I need in my life in order to be the best version I possibly can.
  6. I am aware that the possibility lives only in the present moment, so I surrender to it.